Owner : Tantricmodz
The initial plan/concept for this project was to design a case to match the asus Z87 TUF Cover. The panel lining on the side panels were based on the panel line design on the Z87 motherboard covers. Custom perforated plastic panels on the interior of the case were also made to match the surface of the TUF Cover on the motherboard. The case features a reverse ATX chassis conversion, custom liquid cooling using acrylic rigid tubings, customised plexiglass waterchannel for the liquid cooling loop, a modified corsair H80 kit, fully sleeved modular PSU cables.

Project Imagination [R]OG
Owner : adamski07
Project Imagination is my latest case mod Project. It started around 4th quarter of 2013. One main goal of the project is to add more features that are creative, unique, innovative, and exclusive only for this project. Like from my previous project, I have done the same style of modding, the free-style modding. It is a theme-less build where I incorporate all the concepts and ideas I have into the build without trying it out first on 3rd party apps and/or creating prototypes. Lots of ideas got in my mind after checking out the case, and to be honest, I wasn't sure if I can make it all happen. I am new to this hobby, but I work uniquely and with confidence which separates me from other PC modder. I believe what stands out on my project compare to other participants is that my project is not just all about the hardware inside the case, it is not about the how much money was spent on the project rather on its unique look, one of a kind concepts, and the synergy of designs on the whole build.

Owner : MikeMaat
It's about time for me to get up and start modding, so I can show you all what this great build is going to look like when finished Let's start with a little refreshing. The meaning of this build is NOT a scratch build that looks like the X1-Prototype but a CoolerMaster CosmosII tower mod that looks like a case that was designed for extreme performance in the theme of Red Bull's X1-Prototype race car. There will be a custom Red Bull paint job and wrapping going on with a complete custom water cooling setup like you never seen before ...let me say X1 style. I will also be designing and creating custom acrylic water cooling parts like the reservoir and Red Bulls loop accents. The side, front and top panels will be transformed to look a bit like the X1 car. The airflow of this case will also be a world premiere I think? Not even mentioned that this CosmosII chassis is completely modded to a BTX chassis design (upside-down) all these technics and new innovations will lead to one of my greatest builds I made so far.

Project Tesla
Owner : Drex
This is the stacker, tyo fitting on my bedroom's desk... this small thing behind it is my 40 inches monitor

CosmosII the privilege
Owner : C.333/Corsaronero333
Mod inspired nautical-themed mid-1900 quality materials such as brass and teak wood

Owner : Jesse Palacio
CENTURION. this will be my entry for the 2013 Cooler Master Case Mod Competition. i submitted it, not to compete, but to showcase my build and inspire those who feel that they cannot mod their RIG because they have cheap parts, no money, no sponsors, no tools or what not. all the mods on this build, the decals, the acrylic bends etches and cuts, the paint job and etc.. were all done 100% manually with only a DIY scoring knife a.k.a "thing", some table clamps, a cigar torch and oodles upon oodles of patience, creativity and pure passion and dedication to the art of MODDING.
Lamborghini ROG Edition
Owner : reapervon
Since I was a child I really like the look of Lamborghini car that's why I choose this as my entry for this competition I called this project the "Lambo Car PC-ROG edition"

Thai Farmers
Owner : Suchao
This case was inspired by movie 'Transformers'. It is made of wood, PVC and acrylic using common tools. The distinctive point is the wheels that were build as Transfarmer's arms and legs joints. The truck head transforms to Optimus Prime with Cooler Master V8 GTS without taking off any part, but simply just by pulling and twisting. It also can stand on its own (without tipping over), moving arms and legs in desired direction. This fantastic creature is made by Thai Farmers.

Super power calculation center
Owner : littlehand
This is my original work,and the main frame and hardware placement works have a unusual design idea.Of course,design and production work is completed by myself.In terms of design,using familiar CAD design.In the production,basically are used in some common hardware tools.

Owner : abbas-it
THE DCMM COLOSSUS is complete and was at the annual DCMM in COLOGNE too and won 2 Silver Trophies. It is a full fledge world record sized fully functional Computer mouse which houses ist own Computer too. this has never been done before. it measures 98x68x28 und weighs over 21 Kilos. One can move it around and bang the Buttons and scroll up and down just like areall small mouse. It requires just one single wire for power. Everything else is wireless, even the VGA signla to Monitor. it has a Webcam between the scroller mand temp-displaywhcih is elevated via a motor up and down. Apart from the a pait of Speakers and keyboad which is hidden under the rear wing Spoiler. SPEED AND ACCELERATION were the Inspiration for this design. I hope you all like it. It took about 650 to 700 Hours to make, It hold a Intel i3 and has an hyperx 128gb SDD SDD and hyperbeast ram from Kingston. It has a COOLERMASTER 700 Watts GXLite Powersupply.

Project Duplex
Owner : Ace_Finland
I wanted to make something different looking than a normal box shape. The name of the project came from the two sided case. On one side there is the mother board and on the other side there is a GPU and 2 ssd's. It almost entirely made out of aluminum and acrylic. Two separate water cooling loops with an 240 radiator each.

O.A.C OpenAirCase
Owner : IVANICS Design
My goal was to design and create an open-air style case. What’s the point to cover all the goods right? My father is a carpenter and I’m studing at University which involved in Wood Sciences… so yes my material was wood. I know and love this material and a laser-cutter machine was available so the main concept was built on it. I am very proud that the O.A.C is not only work with my hardware. Everything is exchangeable. There is an another almost finished O.A.C which is owned by my godfather who has got completely different hardware. I am also satisfied with the motherboard tray which is removable and it can be use as a ’bench-desk’. So if the user buy a new product it’s easy to test it or just overclocking like a pro. The O.A.C has also got a LED illumination with an on/off button. And there is a detachable plexiglas side cover if you like it better without it. At last if you want to go a LAN party there is a handle to carry your O.A.C.