Black Templars
Owner : Modder CROW
I'm try to Mod "CM 690 ii" in War Machine concept.

Owner : David Cathey
The concept for this mod was to emulate the look and style of a sportbike, namely the MV Agusta F3 800. I wanted to give the case the visual cues of the MV and also follow the basic design of sportbikes. In a nod to sportbike design, the internals are open to view and touch, only covered by a bit of exterior, and very little is hidden away. Almost all the hardware, wiring, tubing, etc is visible to some extent. Also, there is minimum of excess hardware. On a sportbike, extras add weight and weight kills performance. That metal and glass fuel gauge weighs more than a LED that lights up when you need fuel, so it's got to go. Same on this case, those front panel USB ports don't make it faster, so they're gone.

Owner : FUXK_邢凯
This mod is inspired by the theme of the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction. I used Cooler Master Cosmos II to do this tower mod with Decepticon purple color tone and metal finishing. Also I focus on the lighting and watercooling of this mod.

Owner : Mike Petereyns
Project Tri-MAX as we know is currently under construction, what ones was a crazy idea back in 2014 is now becoming reality in 2015! The whole idea is to create an All-In-One system that has it all and does it all with ONE power plug. Tri-MAX will be made complete out of allummium to reduce weight and because it looks great. The system will be housing a 34" Ultra Wide QHD CURVED monitor powered by an Intel X99 platform stuffed with an Intel 5820k processor and 32GB of memory. The graphics power comes from Two Nvidia GTX 970 in SLI. The OS will be on a M2.0 mini pci-e SSD and a 4TB data storage, all that will be powered by a CoolerMaster 1300W power supply and will be chilled down with a 1/2" straight pipe tubing water cooling setup! Tri-MAX will also be housing a complete high-end 2.1 sound system for superior sound quality. As I mentioned Tri-MAX will be an All-In-One system for all purposes, gaming, video/music editing and al that lan party proof ! Unfortunately due a mayor lasercutter breakdown I was forced to hold back this project until now… Enjoy !!

The Dark Night
Owner : Ail Abbas
100% HANDMADE, no automation equipment like CNC, 3D Printer, CAD or Lasercuts etc.. were used. IfBatman (Bruce Wayne) had a server, then this is what I think it would look like. My aim was to make it as stealthy and seriously menacing looking as possible. Set in a very dark matt Black colour scheme, this build elementarily shows accents, elements and the sheer soul of the DARK KNIGHT Films, his armour, weapons, tumbler car and bike designs. As usual in my way of modding I didn’t want to make a replica of anything But basically just take the essence of that certain design direction and try to adapt it to the hardware I was using. I immediately had a server in mind because of its being so sleek and slender. I uprightly placed it in between the side casket I made for the loudspeaker side guns and gave it a base upon which I could build from there on. I have tried to give it as many details as possible which while still being visible they blend in great into that DARK KNIGHT black matt colour making it all harmonise in a very uniform way. For contrast the inner chassis cover has also some carbon looking elements. I wanted it to look just as dangerous and aggressive and have that really cutting edge stealthy weapon type of aura to it. Servers don’t usually have cameras or speakers, not even a sound card. This one does, along with the typical bat bike side guns, which are actually the in built loudspeakers. The top mounted gun scope is a 360° camera which can be switched to turn right or left and take 7 hours of HD film as well as pictures. It even has a secret pump gun concealed switch so that if you don’t know of it, the server cannot be turned on or off. To set the whole build off I even built a Dark Knight Keyboard and Mouse in the same Dark Knight style which also has a External SSD and Cloud function built into them.

Owner : Soul-i-Doll
The case design based on the videogame - The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Dwarven Spheres are constructs that take the form of a sphere when in passive mode. When they detect an enemy, the sphere will unfold into a humanoid construct, though still retaining the now open sphere from the knees down, with a retractable blade built into the right hand. In project creation I've used PVC and fiberglass with an epoxy.

Owner : Maciel Barreto
Kruper is an official inter galactic the dogdroid. Already in battle, they need to join forces with his companions, to find a resistance alien unknown, which threatens the existence of Dogworld. A group of scientists, led by experts and Kruper weapons also make up the team. Following either side of dodroids as the side of the aliens, presenting the intense struggle for control

Man of Steel
Owner : MegaSkot
Cooler Master case mod competition 2015, Man Of Steel By Megaskot. Scratch build mod. Custom built case made of stainless steel frame and stainless steel sheets and plexiglass in shape of Superman logo, plexiglass water block, yellow and red liquid will go through the "S" logo.