How To Sign Up 01/26/2016

Dive into the creative mash of modders this year at Cooler Master’s 7th Case MOD World Series competition. We are proud to continue offering one of the world’s biggest modding platforms to the community with bigger prizes, bigger coverage and generous contributions from our partners. Climb aboard. Make your mark.

Registration is currently OPEN and will run from January 26 - June 12, 2016.


The categories for your creative work – Tower Mod and Scratch Build. Have a look at winners from last year’s competition for ideas. 

To register:
  1. Create an account on CM Forum to start your worklog*
  2. Register with your CM Forum account to create your public modder profile**

*If your mod is already in progress or complete, please check our rules for eligibility.
**Visit our rules page for further instructions on how to complete your worklog and modder profile. 

To qualify:
  • Participants must meet our qualification requirements before the submission deadline on June 12, 2016.
  • Run through our Rules, FAQs and Terms and Conditions to make sure you have all your bases covered.