• The Modder and the Desk: How Peter Brands Won the Internet


    Peter Brands may be one of the most famous modders in the world.But he doesn't like being seen as such. "I'm just me," says Peter. "I don't want to be seen as big or anything. In events and everything I don't even like it when people come to me and ask me for a photo. I'm not like that."His most famous mod, the jaw-dropping "L3p D3sk," has been featured on TV news, modding forums, and popular s...

  • Prize Spotlight: NVIDIA, ASUS and Dremel


    This year’s 1st prize winners will be shaking from the weight of these flagship components, which could easily be used in their next mod. Or just kept to themselves. It’s OK, we would do the same thing.ASUS Maximus VIII FormulaBased on the Intel Z170 chipset, this motherboard has been designed as the pinnacle of stability and performance. Featuring CrossChill EK enhanced cooling for quieter, co...

  • Prize Spotlight: Avexir Red Tesla


    This year's first place winners will be staring at these discharging, ROG-certified Red Tesla DDR4 RAM sticks from Avexir.

  • A Look at the Best: Siwasak Sirisomboon (Modder CROW)


    Every mod starts with an idea that bends steel and shapes circuitry. Take a glimpse into the people and ideas that inspired the winning mods of 2015.Siwasak Sirisomboon, Thailand1st Place, Tower ModBuild: Black TemplarsPassionActually, the name “Modder CROW” represents two people. Both of us like to mod case chassis as a hobby. We met at a Thailand mod competition in 2013 and, soon after, start...

  • Beginnings: The High Seas of PCs


    Blackened fingers and grease-stained coveralls must have been a reoccurring theme in the Bonandini household. Never far from a garage, Ermanno spent his childhood and teenage years hunkered down tuning car engines and motorbikes. He learned how to handle every tool imaginable; welding, airbrushing, and grinding became second nature. His beloved Vespa 1979 received a lot of attention from the as...

  • Case Mod World Series 2016 ANZ Edition Announced


    ·  Case Mod World Series 2016 Australia and New Zealand Edition·  Experience Cooler Master at COG and GGF LAN Fest Taipei, TAIWAN – Cooler Master, today announced the ‘ANZ Edition’ of Case Mod World Series 2016, a competitive modding event designed to connect modders everywhere. All Australia and New Zealand entrants to Case Mod World Series 2016 are automatically enter...

  • A Look at the Best: Dejan Radovanovic


    Every mod starts with an idea that bends steel and shapes circuitry. Take a glimpse into the people and ideas that inspired the winning mods of 2015.Dejan Radovanović, SerbiaPeople's Choice Award 2015Build: Man of SteelPassionThe year 2000 was a breakthrough year for me. I painted my whole case with a metallic finish, coolers on the motherboard, graphics. People around me were amazed and that's...

  • Beginnings: How a Young Deputy Killed the Typewriter


    Flight of the CommodoresWhen the first batch of bulky Commodore 286s came into the local Oregon police department in the early ‘90s, they didn’t do much to drown out the hammering and reloading of typewriters. Then came the rookie, Richard Surroz, with his silver bullet: a template. Something had already been written out for everyone on a screen. And it appeared each time. They wouldn’t have to...

  • A Look at the Best: David Cathey


    Every mod starts with an idea that bends steel and shapes circuitry. Take a glimpse into the people and ideas that inspired the winning mods of 2015.David Cathey, USA2nd Place, Tower Mod 2015Build: F3PassionMy modding roots go back to car stereos and electronics back when I was a kid. My friends and I never had the nicest stuff, but we could manage to rig things up. And I always liked tinkering...

  • Beginnings: How a Master Clocksmith Inspired a Young Modder


    As far back as he could remember, Richard ‘Kier’ Keirsgieter always loved computers and anything related to them. Mostly, video games. “My dad bought me my first commodore 64 back in 1990 and every month he’d get me 10 floppys packed with the newest games,” Richard recalls fondly. “Those were the days.”   Although spending time glued in front of a green-glowing monitor was a favorite p...